Derek Coleman, Copywriter, Email Marketer, Author and Founder of Class of Copy

Hey Friend,

My name’s Derek Coleman, In 2019 I was flipping the store sign for Metro PCS until I discovered how a simple message formula can be used to sell products and services online.

That message is called “copy.” Those who write copy are called “copywriters.”

Learning, practicing, and writing copy for clients as a freelancer has changed my life completely.

Not only did I 4X my income while only working part-time hours, but I’ve also been able to travel across the country with my girlfriend and create my own schedule.

But enough about me.

After working with over 163 clients, including Hallmark Business Connections, Saleskey, and Custom Creatives…

I want to show you how you do it too.

Take everything you discover here and put it to use so you can live life on your own terms, and write your dream life into existence.

Welcome to Class of Copy.