B2B SaaS Email Copywriter:

I Help B2B SaaS Companies Get Higher Open & Clickthrough Rates With Emails.

I’m Derek Coleman, and I specialize in writing professional email copy for B2B SaaS companies. Ready to get more leads and sales from your email list?

Derek Coleman professional B2B copywriter, email marketer, and author. Helping B2B SaaS companies get higher open & clickthrough rates with email.


Why should you choose me?

Improved KPI’s

Perfect for SaaS Marketing Managers who need better open & clickthrough rates from their emails!

Agency-Quality Copy

Get agency-quality emails, newsletters, and results without hiring an expensive marketing agency.

Your Job Made Easy

You do none of the work. You sit back, look good, and take all the credit and recognition for a great campaign.

Lemony Fresh Emails

Need fresh ideas and angles for a new feature or an upcoming product launch? I got you covered!


“Derek, I read your post before I saw who wrote it. I was engulfed in each line and I could feel your story. THEN I saw who wrote it. I literally went from amazed, to ‘still amazed but not surprised.’”

– Isom Chappelle

“Man, Derek you have some serious talent! I’m glad I have you set the emails up and send them out lol because this week is crazy!”

– Angela Thomas, Founder of Styyled Digital

“Within 5 minutes Derek was able to identify ways to improve my email campaign. Definitely hire Derek he’s totally worth it!

— Garrett Jackson, Founder, TrackingSuite.io

“I was looking for someone who can write great emails and I am so impressed with Derek.  I will be using him again and again!

– Wesley Rocha, Founder, LinkUsystems INC.

Hi! I’m Derek Coleman.

I’m the copywriter B2B SaaS companies call on to get more leads and users from their email list

A few results:

  • Worked with 160 clients such as Hallmark Business Connections, Nation Builder, and Trackingsuite.io.
  • Generated 117+ leads for Cargologik in 90 days.
  • Generated 138 Investor leads for Yahyn in 90 days using LinkedIn.

Ready to get more leads and sales from your email list? Give it a shot!