Freelance Copywriters Looking To Land Well-Paying Writing Clients, Read This…

If You’re A Freelance Copywriter Looking To Land Well-Paying Writing Clients, Read This.

I believe a copywriting business breaks down into these 4 key parts.

Offer, Visibility, Sales, and Fulfillment.

If one part is broken the business becomes an anxiety riddled hobby…

That’s why some skilled writers have trouble making a good living through copywriting.

One of their 4 components is broken.

It’s gotta be painful to see newbie writers getting chance after chance with their clients… and making good money too…

Even when their copy STINKS!

I know this because I got paid $700 to write 3 product descriptions to sell a penis casting system for a boutique online adult toy store.

Anywho… More on that later.

For many writers looking for clients all you need to do is:

✅ Fix your lead generation strategy

✅ Improve your business relationships

✅ Find clients you can help at your skill level

Dial in these 3 elements and you’ll have a working copywriting business…

Where you get paid the big bucks you want…

And the ability to work with as many clients as you want, when you want.

But don’t I have to “Get Guud”?

You don’t have to be an A-level writer out the gate… or ever.

There are plenty of people you can help RIGHT NOW at your current skill level.

If you’re reading this message, chances are you know more about copy than someone else and if you find that person you can help them.

That’s all for today.

I know you’re still here…

You wanna learn more about the penis casting system I mentioned earlier…

I’ll let Carmen Electra & Sharon Osbourne tell you more about it.

Take it away ladies!