How I Created A Successful Freelance Copywriting Business During 2020’s Covid Shutdown With No Income & No Network & No Writing Experience

You probably don’t know this…

I quit Metro PCS in January of 2020 to become an online millionaire…

Tired of working for someone else…

I reset my income to $0 right before the pandemic hit the states.

It was a frightening time to say the least.

Worst time for a former foster youth to launch a freelance copywriting business. A true underdog story.

I had all the disadvantages…

NO income 

NO family

NO network

NO marketing experience

NO copywriting experience

Hell… I didn’t even like writing back then.

Imagine that, a copywriter that hated writing… aka me 2.5 years ago! (haha)

But I promised myself “no more jobs.”

So I bought AWAI’s accelerated program for six-figure copywriters, diving in head first.

This had to work for me or I’d be homeless along with my girlfriend at the time and her 5-year-old son.

No more plan B. I WILL make this work.

Each day for about 3 months I sank 12-16 hours a day into learning how to write copy…

Then I spent the last $2.46 in my bank account to buy a $97 course to learn marketing.

That’s no typo.

I know I couldn’t afford it, but I pushed the “buy now” button anyway.


Because I’m not gonna tell myself no, that’s stupid… I let the universe tell me no.

So I pushed the button.

Just 2 weeks later I got my first paid gig…

… $750 to write 3 product descriptions to sell a dildo, penis molding kit, and a handle for said kit.

Not exactly what I had in mind but I did what I had to do.

In addition to networking in the exclusive Facebook group, I sent a lot of cold emails.

Sent ~ 300 a day using leads from D7 Lead Finder and 5 Gmail accounts.

I made my entire copywriting career off the back of a stupid simple 9-word cold email…

Why am I telling you all this?

Because you know there’s a recession coming, everyone is talking about it. 

But unlike Covid, you know the recession is coming – which is good.

You have time to fortify your business, make connections and prepare yourself.

I realized early on that investing = speed.

In my first year as a freelancer I made $23,000, the next year I made $67,982.

My success came from investing to learn from the best in the industry. (and applying it)

This is the part where most copywriters would transition into some sort of mentorship program or coaching offer…

Well, I ain’t. 

Just wanted to share my story. These days folks call it “being vulnerable” … yucky.

One more value bomb – investments don’t always cost money.

Your local library is full of tens of thousands of books you can rent for free…

Books are where top industry experts cram 30+ years of experience into a 400-page paper door stopper…

Read 5 books on a single topic or niche and you’ll know more on that topic than 80% of your competitors.

People house used books on their bookshelves to look smart on Zoom calls. (haha)

Anywho… Hope you feel inspired.

Talk soon,

Derek Coleman

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