How Mowing My Own Lawn Made Me 3x My Income In 2021⁣

Derek Coleman's lawnmower

If you’re an online coach who wants to get high-paying clients without spamming people on Facebook groups, you need to read this.⁣

I’ll never forget it.⁣

Erica and I just moved into a new house.⁣

A beautiful half acre ranch style 3 bedroom house in the city of Rockford.⁣

We were so happy.⁣

We were so foolish.

A much bigger house meant a much bigger headache when it comes to cleaning.⁣

And an even bigger headache when it came to lawn care.⁣

When the grass started to rise that summer, Erica looked to me to handle it.⁣

She wanted to see her man go out there and cut the grass under in the humid sticky Illinois weather while she sipped on a Lipton iced tea.⁣

I’d never cut grass before.⁣

But I thought “how hard could it be?”⁣

So I throw on my old basketball shorts and a tank top and started learning how to mow.

It was a struggle.⁣

The heat beamed down on my potato sack body as I pushed the lawnmower up and down the hills.⁣

The lawnmower ran out of gas twice and I ran out of breath more times than I could count.⁣

My body was drenched like I’d been dunked in a pool with my clothes on.⁣

After 3.5 hellish hours of cutting grass, here’s what I learned.⁣

I suck at cutting grass.⁣

It’s definitely not a passion of mine.⁣

My time was better spent elsewhere.⁣

After wasting 3.5 hours on lawn care I thought about 50 better ways I could spend my time.⁣

Saving money is a waste of time.⁣

There’s a guy in my neighborhood that cuts grass with his ride-on lawnmower for $120 a month.⁣

If I paid him to cut my grass it would look professional, yes, but more importantly.⁣

It would free my time to focus on PPA.⁣

Profit Producing Activities.⁣

Having to mow the grass pushed me to triple my income so I could pay people to handle inconveniences in my life.⁣

Then I reinvest that new free time into growing my business.⁣

That being said most coaches I know love to change lives but hate selling, and often don’t have a step-by-step game plan to attract new clients.⁣

If that sounds familiar – I suggest you DM me the word “Me”.⁣

Every moment you spend writing content that doesn’t work, or guessing what to post is a second you could be changing someone’s life.⁣

It’s another precious second you can never get back.