How To Double Your Sales Calls Overnight With The Copy Continuum

Are you tired of writing content all the time, and still not being able to make any sales?

Are you tired of seeing these people on social media, who can make a ton of money all while traveling the world? Are you tired of not making the impact that you know you should be?⁣

Well, there is a little-known marketing principle that will literally double the of discovery calls you have per week. ⁣

It’s called the Copy Continuum.⁣

What’s the Copy Continuum?

Think of the copy continuum as a spectrum for your content marketing plan.⁣

Each piece of content you create whether written, filmed or spoken should move your audience further along the spectrum.⁣

The goal of each piece differs depending on where the audience member is on the spectrum. NOT to get the sale.⁣

Let’s use baseball for an analogy.⁣

Each hit (a piece of content) doesn’t have to be a home run. That’s not the goal.⁣

You’re looking to hit the ball hard enough so you can load the bases. Getting one player to the next base.⁣

Once all bases are loaded you’ll score a point with each new hit, automatically.⁣

AKA each piece of content will get readers to take action.⁣

Leading to a steady stream of well-paying clients.⁣

Objective of the Copy Continuum

You see, with the copy continuum you’re just taking them from a cold lead all the way to a happy long-term customer.⁣

And it doesn’t stop there.⁣

When you write copy or film content with a plan to move your audience through the copy continuum you will never run out of new clients and discovery calls.⁣

Added to that you’ll also strengthen the relationships with your happy clients, allowing them to get improved results.⁣

And of course.⁣

Pushing clients to get the results they signed up for will automatically improve every aspect of your business.⁣

So if you want to double your sales calls (or strategy sessions) overnight you’ll need to create content that helps people in the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced stages of the copy continuum.⁣

It’s a lot of work but it’s very fulfilling when it all comes together.⁣

If you’d like help with this.⁣

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