One Underutilized Page That Can Boost Your Daily Revenue Immediately & Provide Extra Value To Your Customer

Right now with the influx of companies marketing their products online competition has never been more fierce. But before I get into what the most underutilized money-making page is…

Can I be straight up honest with you about your chances to stand out in your competitive space?

To quote one of the best superhero movies of all time, Blade II…

“Some mother*****s are always trying to ice skate uphill.” 

And seeing as you’re in such a competitive market (where everyone has an info product or online course to sell), this is sort of what you’re doing.

The reason why I say that is because not only are you competing for your customer’s money, but you’re also competing for your customer’s time.

To illustrate exactly what that looks like, I’d like to tell you a short story.

Short story time…

As an Email Copywriter, I’m always looking out for new emerging industry trends, as well as reading and writing high-performance copy.

As a good boyfriend, I’m always looking for new ways to add excitement to my relationship as well as nurture and support my woman. 

And as a new home renter, I need to unpack all my junk and clean this .46 acre ranch-style house.

To be a great email copywriter, boyfriend, and home renter – These are things I must do every single day. And just like you, and everyone else on this planet, I only have 24 hours in a day.

Now you have all the necessary background information, here’s where the story gets juicy… Or plummets into despair. (Depending on how you view the world)

3 weeks after moving into this big lovely house. Scrubbing it spotless and cleaning panels in our new house – no man dared to touch. My girlfriend and I were overwhelmed, overworked and were dreading our upcoming trip to Miami Beach.

Yeah, our schedules were JAMPACKED!

At this point I haven’t brought working with clients, being social, and shopping and assembling Ikea furniture for the new house.


Over the weekend my girlfriend saw me planted on the couch for awhile. I was reading something on my phone and she (understandably so) lost her cool.

“There’s only 24 hours in a day and this house is a disaster. The only rooms that are put together are your office and our bedroom and we haven’t even started packing for our trip to Miami…”

Did I mention that Miami Beach was 3 days away?

“…and you’re not helping me get the house ready. What’s so important on your phone that you can sit around all day when there’s so many other things around the house that need to get done?”

Can you relate to being so unbearably busy?

Yes? See, that’s just it!

Your customers are busy as heck and if you don’t catch them while they’re in a buying mood you’ll lose their business.

Now the good news is there’s a page in every sales funnel, opt-in, and check out process. After studying hundreds of sales processes over the last few years, I’ve noticed this one page is often overlooked.  (Usually blank)

And that’s where you come in…

Because in a second I’m going to reveal to you what the underutilized page is, and 3 tips on how you can fill this page with useful information your customer will love.

That’s where the revenue-generating opportunity lies.

But before I get into that allow me to introduce myself and answer the most important question you’re probably asking yourself…

What makes me qualified to talk about any of this?

I’m glad you asked…

My name is Derek Coleman, I’m an email copywriter…

After working with 138 companies such as Saleskey, WomanCEOMindset, and Custom Creatives – I provide a level of expertise in emails, autoresponder, and lead generation you can trust.

And that’s exactly why my Digital Marketer, Course Creators, and B2B clients turn to me for high-converting email autoresponders. 

Now that I’ve gotten the formalities out of the way.

I need your 100% full attention because THIS is what you came for.

Here’s the one thing I want you to take away from all this…

And if you nail this one simple “hidden in plain sight” opportunity it will open doors for you in this new digital-first landscape.

This One Underutilized Page That Can Boost Your Daily Revenue – Immediately.

Most “thank you pages” are blank and overlooked. Typically thank you pages just say, well…

…Thank you.

But advertising a low ticket off on the thank you page will:

✅ Increases your AOV

✅ Gives your customer another tag (for email segmentation)

✅ Re-grab your customer’s attention

And much much more.

Most companies I monitor are not doing this yet.

I mean, you’ve already got the customer to purchase from you.

So there’s no real harm in taking this opportunity to provide them with additional value/ resources.

And in a second I’m going to tell you where emails, autoresponders, and newsletters have to do with selling services on your thank you but first…

My advice…

… Don’t waste your thank you page by leaving it blank.

If you have other services to offer that are relevant to your customer’s initial purchase – it makes sense to maximize your AOV.

Here are 3 ideas you can use to monetize your Thank You page:

1.) Promote another product or service

Be sure it’s relevant to what your reader just bought from you.

  • One-time purchase
  • Monthly membership
  • Affiliate’s product or service

2.) Give your customer a coupon.

Kohl’s is a department store that EXCELS at this. After you buy from Kohl’s you get Kohl’s cash. Which is a type of in-store credit that you can only spend at Kohl’s. But here’s the kicker/ moneymaker…

Kohl’s cash expires.

Now why is that important? The expiration date creates an level of urgency compels customers to spend their Kohl’s cash before “they miss out.” Kohl’s uses this trigger > reward cycle (with their inflated prices) to drive repeat business, brand loyalty and stay ahead of their competitors.

Take a page out of Kohl’s book. Use FOMO/ expiring [insert business name] cash to encourage your customer to buy from you over and over again.

3.) Promote your upcoming event

I love the way Digital Marketer pitch their webinar as an “unadvertised bonus.” It makes the webinar FEEL like it’s part of the product the customers bought.

In the picture below, Jon Schumacher advertises his webinar. Which is his bread and butter.

Since Jon is a webinar coach that shows offer owners how to sell more during their webinars… what better way to show off his expertise? (And make millions from it)

But Derek… what does any of this have to do with email?

That’s a fair question…

If you’re wondering what does any of this stuff have to do with emails, newsletters, and autoresponders that sell… (Since I’m the go-to guy for that sort of stuff)

My answer to that is – EVERYTHING and here’s why…

Marketing pieces do not exist in their own secluded bubble. No.

Every email, landing page, blog post, opt-in form, white paper, case study, etc. works together in this interwoven net we call “Digital Marketing.”

Or as I like to call it, “selling stuff online.”

So if you’re a Digital Marketer Or a Course Creator looking to generate 5 & 6-figure months of passive income from your online training/ info products…

Let’s hop on a Discovery Call where I’ll get to know your business and help you map out a simple, passive income strategy to having 6-figures a month using a “hidden in plain sight email” strategy.

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