Why Most Freelance Writers Are Order Takers… and How to Pick Writers That Can Generate Grand Slam Profits.

Today, I will give you one secret to help you hire freelance writers. A great writer can boost your results and crank up your profits.

To find a great writer, you could interview lots of people and sort for several dozen skills and attributes. 

While that may sound like a natural path for most digital marketers and course creators…

Think about it… you’ll have to endure interviews, drudge through hundreds of writing samples, and kiss a lot of frogs before you find anyone decent.

woman wearing crown holding frog figurine

The truth is, if you want a winning writer, you can focus on just one key personal attribute. It’s even more important than writing skills. 

Today, I will reveal what the #1 personal attribute is. If a writer has this one quality, it is a total game-changer. 

Or you can always roll the dice on a “freshly baked” copywriter and pray to get an ROI.

But, if you’re anything like me… you don’t want to leave your business up to chance. You want a surefire way to increase your passive income with the peace of mind that your freelancer won’t overcharge and under-deliver.

So – if you’d like to pick a writer that will actually save you time, give you big peace of mind, and help you boost response rates, revenues, and reach… then read on… 

Let me tell you a story to highlight this one quality. See if you can pick it out.

My buddy Rahul is the owner of an LA-based 8-figure digital marketing agency. Between booked calls, interviews, training new team members, going LIVE, and creating new info products…

Rahul’s schedule was jampacked with “Trello tasks” and “priority backlog” items.

I’m not sure how digital marketers live like this. (Maybe you’re superhuman?)


Like most digital marketers I’ve worked with this guy was spinning several plates at a time, 24/7, even on holidays.

So working with a freelancer was out of the question…

He didn’t have time to handhold, teach someone about his target market, or – this is the worst thing most freelance writers do – find something for the freelancer to do.

When I choose to work with a client – it’s more like a partnership. And sometimes I even dream about writing my copy for my clients.

I recall Rahul telling me that he has an email list of 4,000. It used to be a dead email list, but more on that later.

Even though he sold info products, ran ads, and used automated follow-up sequences

Email was an afterthought for his agency.

He didn’t believe email was a true money-making powerhouse. Even though the statistics show that is THE biggest driving force behind business revenue and marketing ROI.

The graph from Neil Patel indicates email is still the king of ROI in 2021 by a wide margin.

But on this day he sent out an email to his list (which I am on) and my first thought was… I need to help my friend.

So I wrote a couple of emails he could impediment right away. 

I sent them to him right before I boarded my flight home just to let him know I was thinking about him & his business.

How did the emails perform?

Well, the 2 emails I wrote added 104 new buyers to his pipeline. Essentially pulling them off the fence and prepping them up for upsells and future business.

And the best part is he didn’t have to ask me to do it.

Now Rahul hired a talented full-time email marketing specialist to create his daily emails. The result?

His business is booming more than ever.

Most freelance writers are order takers. They only help you out when you give them a task and pay them for it. Chances are they are not invested in your business.

Here’s how working with a freelance writer typically works.

You give them work and money…

They hand in finished work – late…

They say it’s not their best work…

They take your payment and you’ll likely never hear from them again.

Please excuse me for being informal for a second but “that ain’t me.” I am not an order taker.

After creating campaigns for over 113 companies including Custom Creatives, Flax Marketing and Hallmark, here’s one thing I know about clients who are a perfect fit for me…

They want results, quality writing, and they want it on time.

They hate having to “track down” their freelance copywriter…

They hate working with writers that lack a business process or fulfillment schedule…

They hate when their freelancer does not meet their deadline but still expects to GET PAID IN FULL. (especially if the results are… weak.)

Sorry my fellow writers, it’s a tough pill to swallow but it’s the truth.

I believe that’s why working with me is such a breath of fresh air. I become a partner that can deliver big results, on time, every time.

Now look. If you’ve tuned out at all I need you to bring it back in. I need your 100% focus, are you with me?

How can you tell if you’re working with a copywriting super pro?

Well if you only take away one thing out of this lesson – let it be this…

The #1 tell is passion 

If you propose a project to a writer and they ask you a few detail-oriented questions about the project, and not much else… then you likely have an order taker on your hands.

You’ll get the project done (hopefully), but it’s more likely that you won’t jump over the moon due to the results.

BUT if your freelancer asks questions to dig deeper into your business, your offerings, your purposes, your history, and your challenges, then it’s likely that you have a skilled, dependable writer on your hands. 

Dependable writers are rare and worth their weight in gold.

Like I said earlier, sometimes I dream about writing multi-million dollar email campaigns for my clients…

So it’s easy for me to tell when a freelancer takes such an interest in their client’s business.


Now that I’ve shown you how to pick a freelance writer that can deliver grand slam profits to your business, let me tell you a story about how my business works.

Clients usually partner with me for one of two reasons, either:

A: They sell an online course, info product, or training via social media ads + sales funnels and want to raise their passive income and boost their AOV…


B: They need persuasive marketing material written and they need someone dependable to deliver quality work, on time, every time.

Now I’m not sure which one of these two categories you fall into.

Whether you fall into either A, or B, then consider scheduling a free, no-obligation Discovery Session with me.

This initial chat is purely for information. I NEVER SELL my services.

You either want to scale your monthly revenue to 6 figures and beyond in a hands-off passive way – or you don’t.

I cannot make that choice for you.

Also note: I only take on 2 clients at a time to ensure my clients always get my best work. (Since I’m a one-man operation.)

Also, I never outsource for writing or use AI… that’s just a ripoff and shame on any writer that does.

Sorry for the rant. I get very passionate about practicing ethical marketing strategies.


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